Storage Containers

Storage Containers are usually imagined as a rusty, old storage box. D. Edward Leasing has taken the effort to change that image. All of the storage containers in our fleet are uniformly painted and roof coated to produce a clean looking, reliable piece of equipment. All of our storage containers undergo a thorough inspection prior to your order and are usually delivered within a 48 hr. period from the time of your order.

  • 20’ Storage Container

    The 20’ Storage container is the solution when on site space restricts your options. The 20’ container is ideal for smaller applications and on site maneuverability while still allowing ground access.

  • 40’ Storage Container

    The 40’ Storage container is the solution when on site storage demands ground access. The 40’ container is the ideal size for solving bulk storage needs.

  • Various Sizes

    We have access to various sizes and styles of storage containers. Call today if there is something we can do for your storage needs.